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Welcome to better idea

It has long been the editor's wish to coordinate something meaningful on the Internet for the public users.  Borrowing the very fundamental idea of the world wide web, my partners and I hope to see our readers able to communicate their ideas freely and constructively.  Through the sharing of materials in our Guest Forum, everybody can get something out of it even it is just a piece of joke.


Starting from a piece of merely diary type of blog, the author of Cloudlessdays has restyled his writings to a great extent, from mainly trivial and narrative to some kinds of philosophical contexts incorporated with sense of humor, religious faith and imaginations.  With more to come, I have selected some of the articles and share them on the web.

Innovative and revolutionary findings of the universe and the truths are no longer the privilege of the leading authorities and top scholars.  Developments so far may be unconsciously off the track against challenges to the point due to lack of common consent.  Future breakthroughs are therefore hardly predictable if focused only on extensive efforts in the agreed "right" directions.  In Editor Corner, the editor would like to introduce to the readers some unprecedented theories with controverting challenges.  Also he would like to share some write-ups in his native language (Chinese) since his youth days.

Thanks for all your interest and valuable support.


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